Why Hire Trademark Attorney

Why You Need a Trademark Attorney in Orange County

Sometimes trademark owners will decide to go ahead and file as well as prosecute trademark applications for themselves. This may seem like a great idea especially if you are penny pinching, but it could end up costing you in the future. Here are a few things that could go wrong, and why it is wise to engage the services of a trademark attorney in Orange County:

  • Trademark Rejections

When you put in your application, sometimes you get a tough rejection meaning that you will have to fix your application or actually re-file. Many times you will need to hire an attorney to do this and the cost of fixing the problem may be higher and more time consuming than if you had hired a trademark attorney in Orange County right at the onset.

  • Unprotected Trademarks

You need to have the right knowledge in order to adequately protect your trademark or you will find that someone else can use the same name or a similar one to provide the market with an inferior product or service bringing confusion to consumers. With the right attorney helping you to apply for and protect your trademark, you will be covered in the event of trademark prosecution.

  • Wrong Submissions

It is important to note that the regulations and rules that govern trademark tend to be very specific. Additionally, the language used can be confusing if you have not been trained in the same. As such, you may end up making mistakes, such as submitting specimens that are improper, making application amendments in the wrong way, or filing improperly. This can cause a major delay in the process.

  • Trademark Cancellation

If you have filed your application improperly, you are at risk of having it cancelled and becoming enforceable. Using a trademark attorney in Orange County can save you this trouble.