Trademark Attorney Orange County

5 Reasons to Use a Trademark Attorney in Orange County

Do you want to register your trademark? Many people try to register their trademarks without the help of a licensed attorney. Unfortunately, many of them often find themselves in a pickle. Registration of a trademark requires familiarity with the law and methodology governing the process. It is therefore important to enlist the services of a trademark attorney in Orange County.

Benefits of hiring a trademark attorney

There are various benefits of using a trademark attorney in Orange County. They include:

  1. Trademark discovery

An attorney will help you with the process of discovering a trademark name, item or motto. They will request a report on the trademark you’re seeking to register. An attorney can advise you on how to proceed to secure the imprint.

  1. Determining what to trademark

Are you planning to trademark the name of your company, name of the services or products you provide or a logo or other symbol that is part of your company’s brand? An attorney will help you identify the aspects of your brand that you ought to trademark. They will ensure that you meet the requirements for trademarking.

  1. Drafting the trademark application

There are various legal factors to consider in drafting a trademark application. How your trademark application is drafted will have a great impact on the success of the registration process. It is therefore vital to seek the assistance of an attorney who is familiar with the process and the requirements. Ensure that they have experience in successfully drafting trademark applications.

  1. Handling protests

Should there be any protests during the registration process, your attorney will handle them on your behalf. Your attorney can specify briefs that will manage any protests which may arise in the registration of your trademark.

  1. Handling other legal issues

Your attorney will ensure that all legal issues are handled such as in the event that you want to stop the process, they will obtain a halt or stop notice on your behalf.