Trademark Attorney Orange County

Some Questions for Your Trademark Attorney in Orange County

So, you’ve decided to meet a trademark attorney in Orange County. This is a wise choice when going through the trademarking process. Whether you want to trademark your tagline, business name or logo, it helps to have an experienced attorney in your corner.

The following are some questions you should consider asking a trademark attorney in Orange County at your initial meeting.

  • What can I trademark?

By this time, you probably already have a rough idea of what you want to trademark. However, your trademark attorney can help you identify more opportunities for trademarking. They can also let you know whether or not it is worth trademarking the parts of your business that you wanted trademarked.

  • What makes a strong trademark?

You don’t have to already have a business name or logo by the time you approach a lawyer. Even if you do have one, they can advise you on the best way to make it stronger and offer maximum protection for it when it is trademarked.

  • What will it cost me to register the trademarks?

It is important to find out how much the process will cost before committing to it. Ensure that the attorney is forthcoming with their charges for their services. Understand the costs and evaluate how you will go about registering your trademarks.

  • How can I protect my trademark once it is registered?

Ensuring that your trademarks are registered is only the first step towards protecting them. You can’t just sit back and watch after the registration. Your trademark attorney will advise you on the best way to protect your trademarks and what to do to ensure that you don’t lose your trademark protection.

Be sure to ask as many questions as you can think of in the initial meeting. Ensure that you understand the process and what to expect.