Orange County Litigation Lawyer


As a top Orange County litigation law firm we take pride in our representation that we provide for you and your business in court. If you have a pending civil suit/matter, you may require the help of a skilled litigation lawyer to get you through. Whether you need a lawyer to represent you in court or you just need some counseling regarding a case, you may need to schedule a consultation with a litigation professionals in your area. All cases are not treated the same way so before seeing a lawyer this post will educate you on what a litigation lawyer does and the type of case they can handle. An attorney represents their clients in court, they often settle cases out of court and they work with lawsuits. Attorneys can either work on criminal litigation or civil cases.

Once you hire a litigation attorney to represent you, they will critically evaluate your case to discover your eligibility to file a lawsuit, if you are the one opening the case or the plaintiff. If you are a responder to a lawsuit that is, the defendant, the attorney will search for possible evidence for your defense. The investigation may include getting documents or statements from witnesses. After carefully examining the case, in most scenarios, the attorneys will try to resolve the issue before going to the court with the lawsuit. Most civil matters do not reach the courtroom before they are resolved.

If you are not able to reach an agreement with your opponent, your case will go to trial. Within the period prior to the trial, your litigation lawyer will meet with you, contact witnesses if applicable and start developing a strategy for you to win your case. Your attorney will argue in your favor at trial by presenting a detailed narrative of your side of the story using evidence, questioning witnesses, etc. They will also deliver an opening and a closing statement.

A reliable and experienced litigation lawyer should be able to easily communicate with clients and be able to express ideas well. This is a stressful and traumatizing time for many clients who will be going in and out of court, with fines or even jail time hanging on their neck, so it is imperative that the litigation attorney employed should be able confidently work with the client.

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