Civil Litigation Lawyer Orange County

The Pros of Working in Civil Litigation

Before discussing the Pros of working in a civil litigation, let us first identify what civil litigation is. So, what is civil litigation?

Civil litigation is a dispute between two or more parties brought before a legal court to seek for payment of damages through cash payment or performance of a specific task in lieu of criminal sanctions.

Civil litigation may arise from but is not limited to the following disputes:

  1. Anti-Trust
  2. Construction
  3. Education Law
  4. Employment and Labor
  5. Environmental Law
  6. Intellectual Property Law
  7. Landlord / Tenant
  8. Medical Malpractice
  9. Personal Injury
  10. Products Liability
  11. Real Estate
  12. Worker’s Compensation

Civil litigation is not only limited to attorneys, it also involves paralegals, law clerks, and other legal support staff of a law firm. If one is interested in working in a civil litigation, he or she will greatly benefit from it.

The Pros of working in a civil litigation are the following:

  1. The litigator develops a close-knit working relationship with the client. He or she will become the client’s closest advocate, and assisting the client in litigation is very rewarding particularly when the outcome is to his or her client’s favor.
  2. Litigation work is very diverse. Each civil case under litigation tells a different story. Because of its diversity, a litigator gains various trial experiences that will help promote his or her growth and expertise as a litigator.
  3. Litigation work is exhilarating and rewarding. It breeds confident and competent litigators and other legal support personnel. If one is working in a small to medium-sized law firm, the litigator handling a civil litigation will most likely handle the case from its inception, all throughout its trial and outcome. One will know the processes and steps a civil litigation has to undergo before, during, and after the trial.
  4. Litigation work inspires passion and offers transferrable career skills. Becoming the closest advocate of one’s client will ensure that the litigator will do everything legally possible to fight for the rights of the client. Exerting efforts and means toward working on a positive civil litigation outcome will help the litigator develop skills that are favorably applicable to any type of career.
  5. Lastly, civil litigation work pays well and is relatively recession proof. Litigators or trial lawyers are among the highest paid legal professionals in the legal industry. This is due to the expertise, time and effort they exert in trying to win their client’s case. Litigators are not in danger of losing their jobs. Due to the broad scope of civil litigation, there is always a civil case that a litigator must fight to win.

Individuals who chose to work in the field of civil litigation have been rewarded by tremendous personal and career growth and advancement. They garner professional respect, earn excellent compensation and benefits package, with the potential to earn bonuses and become the primary litigator of any future civil litigation.

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