About Us

Winning Solution for High-Stakes Matters

As one of the nation’s premier litigation firms, Thomas Whitelaw prides itself on its hunger to win. And, to win big, we earned our reputation for success through hard-fought trials, mediations and strategic settlements.

A high-stakes real estate dispute presents an example of Thomas Whitelaw’s approach. We defended a city against claims for breach of a ground lease, fraud and inverse condemnation. Not only did we obtain summary judgment in our client’s favor dismissing all claims, we then went to trial on the city’s cross-complaint, forcing a settlement valued at $50 million in favor of the city.

Or again, Or again, in a recent patent infringement case, we employed our litigation skills and technical expertise to obtain a highly-favorable settlement for a Fortune 50 Company against a claim seeking millions of dollars of unpaid royalties under a license agreement involving transportation technology.

We achieve these results by pouring ourselves into each case. First, we understand the unique intricacies of each client and matter. Then, through our collaborative approach, we develop and execute winning solution for high-stakes matters–from discovery to trial to appeal–both in state and federal courts.

Not only do we win big, but we do it with a consideration for delivering value to clients. In this difficult economic environment, we understand that in-house counsel are asked not only to win , but to do so efficiently. At Thomas Whitelaw, we work with clients to develop situation-specific billing arrangements. We utilize state-of-the-art  electronic document management technologies that allow us to store, retrieve and search electronic data in the most efficient manner. We provide our clients password-protected access to all electric documents, which allows us to partner with our clients on a real time basics to manage large cases effectively.

Another key to delivering value is efficient lawyer staffing.  At Thomas Whitelaw, our business is not driven by leverage. To staff a case, we judiciously team seasoned partners with highly experienced senior associates based on client needs, attorney expertise and relevant trial or specialized experience. We have no associates-in-training. As a result, all of our lawyers are experienced. Our seasoned associates and paralegals, cherry-picked from national firms, round out the teams to create efficiencies, not hourly charge overloads.

Thomas Whitelaw had earned its coveted reputation for providing its clients with winning solutions for litigating high-stakes matters.